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a mad snake band that still have some of the best songs around today janes kick ass
been caught stealing once when i was five
by serge January 17, 2005
cops, pigs, filth, the law.
i was shredding a tyre when the fun stoppers rolled up
by serge October 18, 2004
1. A former tax accountant whose pitiful existence is spent flogging ATMs to convenience stores and bowlos in South East Queensland.

2. Of or pertaining to Paul Heick.
I gotta get me some C-notes from that machine Tubby installed.
by Serge May 24, 2004
A big underground party with techno and synth music and lots and lots of glowsticks.
Just about everyone at a rave either listens to Moby or does ecstasy, or both.
Dude, there was a huge rave downtown, all these kids were totally fucked up and i got laid.
by serge April 04, 2004
The year tupac's comming back.
Tupac is comming back winter somewhere near 2006
by Serge February 28, 2005

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