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Gangster slang. What you would call a good friend, a stranger, or even mockery against an adversary.
Was`sup, holmes.
You got a problem with it, holmes?
by SD December 17, 2003
When a testicle is twisted due to impact or positioning and must be manually maneuvered into an anatomically correct position.
Zac B. could not sit down for days because of the excruciating pain caused by a raging twistacle.
by SD January 18, 2005
the only way to smoke weed.
bong that shit
by sd October 13, 2003
Exclamation used in an attempt to offset potential bruising upon being pinched by someone.
When Mikey and I were playing and he pinched my arm I yelled rubbittout!
by sd November 04, 2003
a slightly demeaning term for a police officer, cop, popo, etc.
I crossed a red light, and was stopped by a Chiller
by sd January 21, 2005
An assertion relying on cognitive motor skills and relay signals firing from synapse to synapse.
"Lolz Wtpenfifteen I totally had sex with a jar of mayo last nite lol rmao"
by SD October 06, 2003
to be drunk and high (usually on marijuana) at the same time
yo im so dry i just drank a 40 and smoked 3 bowls of pot
by sd December 06, 2004

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