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Stands for "rolling my ass off". One of the best online terms you can possibly use. Cousins with "lofl".
d00d taht shit wuz so funny!!!111 rmao!!!!11
by Gomez Gomez Gomez October 10, 2005
Raugh(ing) My Ass Off

Occasionally used by asians as a replacement for lmao.
Janis: Dude, that kid Wes's mom caught him masturbating.
Kornya: RMAO
by Tengent September 08, 2009
Rofl'ing my ass off
Dude 1: You hear what happened to James when he tried to beat the train on the railroad crossing?
Dude 2: I don't care - guy's a douche.
Dude 1: He got owned.
Dude 2: RMAO!
by halo_player_598 February 15, 2009
Running my ass off
Jim, I'm RMAO with my short shorts right now. Need to keep training for the marathon.
by Cog3r June 12, 2009
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