A reply to a humorous comment.

Used mainly by people who choose to partake in unconventional behavior, such as going to Eat'n Park at 4 am.
Comment: I just spent five minutes talking about waffles.

Reply: rofl waffle
by aberdude1991 June 03, 2009
Rolling on Floor Laughing.. Waffle rhymes with ROFL-- which is pronounced like waffle, but with an R..
So Lord_Kaito called PeanutBetter- PenisButter, and The_Fallen on Solixa chat services said roflwaffle! roflwaffle! and laughed his ass off.
by PeanutBetter August 18, 2005
Something so hilarious, that it not only causes you to "Roll On the Floor Laughing", but it also rhymes with waffle! What fun!
Haha, what a funny joke! Rofl Waffle!
by The Jokerrrr August 16, 2009
Something you eat while on a lolrcopter
I was pwning n00bs while eating roflwaffles on my lolrcopter
by Kaowtiey Smith November 13, 2007
One for the worst things to happen to the internet, made popular made by the popular Wcrado hosts Dustan, Mickey C, and errr The Eric. This now means the complete opposite of “ROFL” witch does convert directly The Worst Happy Hour Tavern show ever (6/22/06).
Julie Miller! Julie Miller!

much <3 HHT
This is an Example of some one ruining a farley good show, and turning it in “udder crap”

roflwaffles, Stab Stab Happy Hour Taver, roflwaffles Julie Miller! -The Eric Paraphrased)

much <3 HHT
by speedyf40 June 23, 2006
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