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Piss shoes are the shoes you where when you know you are going out to get wasted and when you know that by the end of the night you will have pissed on them at least once.
Fuck me. I'm so thankful to myself that I brought my piss shoes cuz i jus tried urinating outside and i got piss all over my shoes.
by scumslug October 18, 2009
Qualities that closely resemble those of an ogre. Meaning the individual who posses ogresque qualities, is fat, extremely ugly and in worse cases, a tinted green.
Person 1: Hmmm. I love people watching sweetheart.
Person 2: yes yes. Oh my fuck, look at the one over there. That bitch posses the most ogresque qualities that i have ever seen.
Person 1: Thats my mother....
Person 2: i guess that means no sex tonight.... *sighs*
by scumslug October 18, 2009
When someone, male or female, goes about having sex with a person with ogresque qualities. They are usually extremely fat and ugly. Their faces are those of which only a mother could love and even then that may be pushing it.

This often happens when an individual is completely wasted and has lost sense of any moral code.
person 1: i dont even know what happened last night.
person 2: yes you do dude.
person 1 : no no i dont.
person 2: you were shrekking that one fat girl til 4 in the morning. THEN she left!

person 1: oh god
by scumslug October 18, 2009
A quad-neck is a person with an undeniable amount of extra fat around their neck.

Also may be called, quad-chin.
FAT BOY: yo yo lemme get your lasagna and your meatballs too.
OTHER BOY: shut the fuck up quad-neck. I'm tired of you tryin to take all my food.
by scumslug October 18, 2009
1. a female who gets romantically involved with 2 or more men and then drop the all of them except one.

2. female who draws you in only to set your gullible fuckin self up.
1. i found out she was getting with 2 other dudes besides me. then she fuckin dropped me.
2. damn that bitch is a noodletrap
by scumslug October 20, 2009
A sausage rail is a line of horny guys waiting to ram the shit out of a dirty whore.

The sausage rail is what a whore rides to achieve her personal satisfaction.
Person 1: Did you hear about the whore on the 10th floor?
Person 2: Nah man. What'd that sloppy slut do?
Person 1: She rode the sausage rail for 5 hours, making 6 stops. Dan station. Bob station. Ryan station. Mark station. Pablo station and Steve station.
Person 2: Steve always gets the last of it.
Person 1: Yes, yes he does. He's a fan of meat curtains and cream pies. *sigh*
by scumslug October 18, 2009
1. A word used to accompany the words "hello", "yo", "whats good", etc. It is a welcoming word that signifies a good friendship between two people. It is especially used when the individuals are getting wasted.

2. Can refer to a very scummy individual who goes about things in an annoyingly slow manner.

3. Someone who pisses themselves or urinates on their piss shoes when they are completely demolished.
person1: Yo whats good scumslug
person2: ahah chillin you stupid bastard
by scumslug October 18, 2009
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