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289 definitions by scott

An imaginary troll-like being commonly hallucinated by methamphetamine addicts.
Dude, I just saw another dweef in the bathroom.
by Scott March 05, 2005
23 11
A phrase of parting taken from the 1960's television series 'The Prisoner', and still in use today. Accompanied by making a circle with one's thumb and index finger, touching it to the forehead and giving a curt salute with the hand. Those in the know usually reply with the response from the series: "And you!"
"be seeing you!"
"and you!"
by Scott March 26, 2004
29 17
sure is....
mayne, these crotch-critters sholiz given me a hard time today..
by Scott October 17, 2003
17 5
The good old-fashioned, proven missionary-position.
I guess you gonna be hittin' the Y with that boy tonight? C'mon?
by Scott October 10, 2003
15 3
A combo of STD's that slutty girls have.
Dude: "Hey you should hook up with her"
Dude 2: "Hell no! That dirty bitch has gonisyphiherpilades.
by Scott January 09, 2005
16 5
The Scottish word for a large animal that lives in the woods e.g Big Foot
-look it's a Mckirdy
-A Mckirdy has been here
-Your as big as a Mckirdy
by Scott March 20, 2005
15 5
n. the universal language spoken by all drummers, using mouth sounds to imitate sounds made by different drums
"gak" for a rimshot on a kevlar snare
by scott January 16, 2005
13 3