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289 definitions by scott

n. the fear of long words
i think i have....omg i cant say it.....its too long.....*tremble*
by scott July 25, 2004
when working out and getting soo sweety even your dick is sweatting
"I just came back from the gym and man do i have a sweenis!"
by Scott June 23, 2004
A welsh born, IT spod that emmigrated to Canada; A tendency to drink too much at weddings then be found in the hotel corridors puking with his crank hanging out. Knows a lot about a lot of things, cool parents and has a chronic addiction to Keith's. Hangs a lot with fotsa. All around good shit and among me best mates.
Me: Griff, I need help with my computer, a case of Keith's and by the way, are all Welshie's coal miners?
Griff: Aye, fuck-off cunto.
by scott June 04, 2004
a beatuiful, cleanly shaved vagina; makes a brother wanna get down on it
I'd like to get a taste of that hunny's schnut.
by Scott March 09, 2004
Typically, the coolest mother fucker in the room.
Ok ladies, drop your panties, here comes Clammeh.
by Scott March 05, 2005
person who puts things other than memory in RAM slots inside a computer, or someone who doesnt put the memory in porperly
jonathan is a memory moron
by scott April 10, 2005
sure is.
man it sholiz hot out this bitch.
by Scott October 17, 2003