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When Something is disliked. i.e. people, things , experiences etc.
Zam: Yo oli them crisps are going to give you chappy breath.
James: yh your breath is chappy anyway
oli: Shutup bruv

Example 2 :
James: yo look at that guy hes got some chappy shoes.
Zam: yh eugh bruv
by zamanur June 22, 2011
The bunny character from Bleach that Rukia is obsessed with.
Rukia: I couldn't choose the design because it was a supply from my superiors! Of course I wanted the most popular one, Chappy the rabbit!

by NinjaBunniesHya July 19, 2009
High probability of getting into trouble. As in a situation or person who is chapped like lips.
"It was so chappy when the police showed up at the party"
by Octavianus May 25, 2009
To have sexual intercourse with a Hot Pocket.
Did you see that bloke having a chappy on Vine?
by Tukorz March 07, 2014
when lips are chapt, very badly.

;or when talking about chap stick
Oh lord im so chappy today.

Hey dude, pass the chappy.

by t-rex 69 December 19, 2008
An irritated or inflamed anal area. "The chappies" is a condition somewhat like hemorrhoids but on a more temporary basis. Chappies are usually caused by excessive ass wiping due to having the shits or by excessive moist farts causing a sore, irritated anal region.
"Damn, Frank's food was so greasy I had the shits all day. Now I've got the chappies so bad I can hardly sit down!"
by Frank Klaune March 06, 2004
the feeling your lips get when they are chapped
my lips are chappy and i need some chapstick
by bored boy 16 July 01, 2010