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aussie slang from australia
when theres too much of the high level and they wont "lower it" you tell them "thats heaps"
by scat1 November 18, 2004
costanza come up with this one
when someone asks you something and you dont want to admit that you dont know just mumble "flabbam" incoherently so they get over it.
by scat1 November 18, 2004
an australian term for "shut that fucking mouth"
for example some annoying cunts parroting in your ear while your trying to watch the footy you tell them "have less!"
by scat1 November 17, 2004
when someones level is too high they need to be told to lower it
say some cunts buggin the shit out of ya while your tryin to enjoy your buzz you would tell them to fucken lower it.
by scat1 November 18, 2004
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