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25 definitions by saucy

1) The middle of something, this has already been defined repeatedly.

2) A shortened form of hardcore.
1) De-core that apple and dice it up for the spastic's salad.

2) Andy just sank twins, that guy is fuckin core.
by Saucy August 17, 2003
6 2
A method of inhaling the contents of a bucket bong where, once the mouth has been placed over the end of the bottle, the bottle is pushed down into the water to compress the smoke and get a faster and easier hit.
Go on, sink that bong, geez.
by Saucy August 14, 2003
12 9
The act of being expelled or to expel.
I got an expulsion from school for twatting the headmaster.

I expelled a load of jizz on your grill, now lick up my expulsion, biatch!
by Saucy August 17, 2003
8 7
An archaic word that is only ever used in conjunction with "and behold". In conjunction with the aforementioned words it means "look" or "what happened was".
I rammed my cock in her ass and, lo and behold, she started giving my grief.
by Saucy August 17, 2003
119 120
A mis-spelling of the word "head".
That guy is off his fucking head.
by Saucy August 17, 2003
3 8
An opinionated person who hosts a radio show, usually a talk show, who has wild views and shocks the general listenership.
James Whale and Howard Stern are shock jocks
by Saucy August 17, 2003
4 9
As far as I know, a beautiful oriental woman who has some connection with F1, either advertising it or something else... or something more, as they get well dirty! And they are fit as fuck. Also used by me and my crew to describe a hot SJB...
Check out that race queen, Jesus Christ, I think I'm gonna have a heart attack.
by Saucy August 17, 2003
8 24