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simply put, one fucking kick ass rock band
by sasuke November 01, 2003
eddie van halen
by sasuke November 01, 2003
greatest guitar player ever. first to mix classical with metal. often overshadowed by EVH, he never became as famous as he should have, and died in a plane crash
by sasuke November 01, 2003
To ingest/trip on mushrooms
hey you wanna zoom by the river tonight?
by sasuke May 22, 2004
Small cute little thing syn. Lych
Joy Lee is all for me!
by Sasuke March 26, 2003
The Japanese word for "Dragon".

Also the name of the star characters in "Street Fighter", and the excellent dragon RPG, "Breath of Fire". Hi.
Ryu2: Die Mothafucka.
Ryu3: Rarg.
by Sasuke June 19, 2003
practically perfect in every way, just like mary poppins
you are such a bad kid, why cant you be more like HARI!
by SASUKE June 19, 2003

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