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112 definitions by sarasplayroom.com

Hot girls who go to hotel or resort pools as day guests, usually paying a pool fee, with the hopes of snaring rich hotel guests. This is especially rampant in Miami and Vegas.
The day job of the strippers from xxxxxx club is to go to hotel pools. Not only do they get a tan, but the pool whores also recruit guests to come to their strip club that nite.
by sarasplayroom.com February 22, 2009
Another term for Boner Killer. Something that deflates the dick when the dick is hard. Erectus interruptus. Hummer bummer.
Man I was jerking it to a porn and the phone rang and it was my Mom! Major dick deflator.
by sarasplayroom.com June 30, 2009
After swallowing gizz from a b.j., wishing one hadn't done so. Usually because the cum flavor was nasty, almost made one choke, or there was nothing to wash away the aftertaste with or realizing that it may not have been a safe swallow due to not knowing much of the sexual history of the cum dumper.
One Girl to Another: I totally have Swallower's Remorse!!

Another: Why?

Girl: I gave JP head last nite, but the flavor was just nasty! I mean he smokes cigarettes and guys who smoke have nastier gizz, but his was positively rancid! I gargled half a bottle of Listerine, but I swear I can still taste it!

Another: Maybe he hadn't jerked off in a while.

Girl: You might be right, he seemed really horned up and came quick. Well let's go do shots of Tequila, maybe that will wash it away.
by sarasplayroom.com September 29, 2009
Using the inside cardboard of a pizza box or pizza box lid for 'a plate' on which to eat other than pizza. There may be slight grease or cheese residue on the box or lid, but this does not deter the bachelor from using either flat surface as a plate. Using a bachelor plate means that there are no clean dishes, every dish is dirty and while it's a food poisoning risk, the bachelor is too lazy to wash dishes.

This is sometimes referred to a Dorm Plate as well, since college students don't keep dishes in their dorm rooms and dorm kitchenettes aren't stocked with much except fraternity emblazoned mugs. Pizza boxes then become employed as Plates.
One dude to another: I've got 2 plates left.

Another: Whaddya mean, I don't see any frickin' plates.

Dude: (Opens used pizza box) One here (points to lid) and one here (points to bottom of box)

Another: Man I'll eat off my car hood before I eat off that. Nasty!

Dude: What's wrong with my bachelor plate ??? I eat off these all the time. Haven't gotten sick yet.
by sarasplayroom.com July 17, 2009
Cock Tattoo. Tattoo on a cock.
I can't believe he got a Cock-atoo. Painful!!!
by sarasplayroom.com May 16, 2009
A faggy bottom boy who looks for dominant tops in bars, clubs or online.
Chad always shops for tops. He doesn't want to end up with another faggy bottom boy.
by sarasplayroom.com March 01, 2009
Thin arms on a man, usually on a wimp, showing that the wimp never works out, has never done a push-up or pull-up or lifted weights, has no bicep or tricep muscle definition. May be adept at playing video games, but does no physical exercise.
Check out the Pin Arms on that wimp on the beach, what is he even doing here, he's going to get laughed off the beach by those hot chicks over there....
by sarasplayroom.com July 12, 2009