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Cock Tattoo. Tattoo on a cock.
I can't believe he got a Cock-atoo. Painful!!!
by sarasplayroom.com May 16, 2009
When a poorboy pads his wallet with $1 bills and $5 bills, then puts larger bills on either end of the cash wad to impress friends or girls or strippers, fool them and make them think he's got lots of big bills. This is called a Poorboy Roll.
One stripper to another: Did you see how thick his wallet was?

Other stripper: No, it's a poorboy roll, once the 20's are gone, you'll see he just has 1's and 5's.
by sarasplayroom.com July 04, 2009
A pussy that has received g-post amplification thru the plastic surgery procedure whereby the g-spot is stimulated then injected with collagen or other similar filler. This makes a woman more orgasmic and some even report, makes them perpetually horny. The amplification effect lasts about 6 months, gradually dissipating in the last few months. The women who have the procedures generally become addicted to having Turbo Pussy, even tho the procedure costs on average: $1,200 - $1,500 per injection.
Woman commenting to another woman: All I want to do is get laid or break out my toys every nite, having Turbo Pussy has turned me into a nympho!
by sarasplayroom.com July 03, 2009
Any accessory a douche wears or a tattoo on a douche that signifies the status of douche-hood. Flashy douche bling, flashy trash in or on their cars, doucheboy tatts all qualify as douche-tags.
Could that douche be any more douche-y? He was floating every douche-tag known to douchery!
by Sarasplayroom.com February 22, 2009
Cuban slang for an old person with white hair, referring to the sugar color of their hair. Can be used to describe a man or a woman. If used to describe an old man, may also refer to his background as a cane-cutter in Cuba. Especially heard to describe old Cubans around Miami. Somewhat disrespectful when referring to older persons, but acceptable in referring to former cane-cutters.
Yo, Cano, did you used to cut cane in the cane fields. Yo, viejo (old person) I'm talking to you, are you deaf?
by sarasplayroom.com July 13, 2009
Addiction to playing poker, either online, in pick-up games, tournaments, etc.
When suffering from pokeritis, you are addicted to the game and have to play everyday, like smoking cr*ck!
by SarasPlayroom.com April 21, 2009
Girl who will accompany a wanna-be fag on his forays into bars or clubs to find a gay man to play with.
Jessica is such a fag sitter. I don't know why she agrees to go out with Chad while he shops for tops at gay bars.
by sarasplayroom.com March 01, 2009

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