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A faggy bottom boy who looks for dominant tops in bars, clubs or online.
Chad always shops for tops. He doesn't want to end up with another faggy bottom boy.
#gay #fag sitter #bottom #top #gay bar
by sarasplayroom.com March 01, 2009
Cock Tattoo. Tattoo on a cock.
I can't believe he got a Cock-atoo. Painful!!!
#cock #tattoo #dick #tat #tatt
by sarasplayroom.com May 16, 2009
A pussy that has received g-post amplification thru the plastic surgery procedure whereby the g-spot is stimulated then injected with collagen or other similar filler. This makes a woman more orgasmic and some even report, makes them perpetually horny. The amplification effect lasts about 6 months, gradually dissipating in the last few months. The women who have the procedures generally become addicted to having Turbo Pussy, even tho the procedure costs on average: $1,200 - $1,500 per injection.
Woman commenting to another woman: All I want to do is get laid or break out my toys every nite, having Turbo Pussy has turned me into a nympho!
#horny #nympho #plastic surgery #vaginal rejuvenation #pussy #aphrodisiac
by sarasplayroom.com July 03, 2009
Addiction to playing poker, either online, in pick-up games, tournaments, etc.
When suffering from pokeritis, you are addicted to the game and have to play everyday, like smoking cr*ck!
#poker addict #gamer #gambler #loser #player
by SarasPlayroom.com April 21, 2009
FloHo (or plural FloHo's) are Ho's in Florida. SoFloHo's are Ho's in South Florida. FloHo's are not imports but local Ho's. Known for blowing off annoying hypersexed 'regular' guys who are only in their city or town traveling in for fun in the sun or for Spring Break. FloHo's prefer local dudes or rich men traveling in.
Check out the FloHo's on the beach. Thong bikinis and bitchin' tans. Man they totally dissed us when they found out we were just dudes on vacay (vacation) from Idaho.
#florida #south florida #sobe #ho's #hoes
by sarasplayroom.com July 02, 2009
Myspace ADDICT who lives to be ADDED to other people's Friends Lists, who sends out zillions of Friends Requests and lives for the ADD. Will compulsively and repulsively send out THANKS FOR THE ADD messages with glittery or other nauseating graphics. ADDIOTS will also be devastated if they don't get an ADD, launching into extreme depression.
He is a total ADDIOT. He sends out Friends Requests to all the porn stars and bands on Myspace because he knows they add everybody. He has like 50,000 adds.
#myspace #attention whore #porn stars #social networking #facebook
by sarasplayroom.com July 02, 2009
When you rub the last of the coke powder into your gums....
After you rub crumbs into your gums, they get a little numb....
#coke #blow #cocaine #nose candy #cokehead
by sarasplayroom.com July 15, 2009
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