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A replacement for someone's ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who looks so much like the ex, it's uncanny. Sometimes done deliberately to piss off the ex.
One Dude to Another: Did you see that chick with Nick?

Another: Yeah I saw her and did a double take, I thought it was his ex, not his new chick.

One Dude: She looks so much like his ex, she's a fuck-alike.

Another: Wait till the ex sees the fuck-alike. She will throw a fit.
by sarasplayroom.com August 29, 2010
Large Breasts!
One dude to Another: Catch the boobzookas on that chick.

Another: Real or fake boobzookas, that is the question.
by sarasplayroom.com June 15, 2010
The uncanny radar-like knack of someone who can predict if a new tv show is going to make or get canceled, usually not someone who works in the tv industry
everyone said that Jerry should rent out his showdar to the networks as he hadn't been wrong once about which new shows would make it and which new shows would fail
by sarasplayroom.com July 19, 2010
Term for a plastic surgeon who will do any type of plastic surgery, even though it may make the patient look worse than before the plastic surgery took place
One Guy to Another: That girl had perfect perky tits and then she went out and got them stuffed with bowling balls!

Another: Her plastic surgeon is a butcher for hire! $10,000 for bowling ball tit sacks!
by sarasplayroom.com July 05, 2010
When someone crank calls a Chinese Restaurant inquiring about whether they have certain items on their menu, one being Hu Flung Pu (Who Flung Poo) and the other being the notorious Cream of Sum Yung Gai or Cream of Sum Hung Gai (Some Young Guy or Some Hung Guy). If the order taker doesn't speak English very well, the crank convo can turn out to be humorous.
Cranker: Yes, good evening, I was wondering if you have Hu Flung Pu on your menu?

Order Taker: Hu Flung Pu, no we have Hu Shu Bean Curd and Pu Pu Platter, which you like for take out?

Cranker: Does the Pu Pu Platter come with a lot of Pu Pu

Order Taker: Let me read you what comes with Pu Pu Platter
by sarasplayroom.com July 15, 2009
Acronym for Jerk Off Encouragement
Guys often use phone sex or porn for J.O.E. (jerk off encouragement)
by SarasPlayroom.com April 20, 2012
Before the Cash. Someone's lack of cash status, usually a man, and usually someone who has potential, but is at poverty or just above poverty level then hits it big: wins the lottery, gets a record deal, major league sports deal, sells his dotcom or biz, inherits money, and then is rolling in the cash.
Golddiggers try to spot the B.C. guys so that when the B.C. guys hit the cash, the golddiggers will be right there, ready to pounce.
by Sarasplayroom.com April 12, 2009

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