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pure heaven, and very very clean.
you don't know heaven until you wake up in Idaho to the smell of a mint field after the rain.
by Sarai March 01, 2004
Lauren Lilly and cait looking up stupid definitions while they should be doing mr penots history
wow they are really optyi
by sarai November 15, 2004
Administrator at MystCommunity. Popular among Myst fans on the internet. Was a moderator on the old MystCommunity board but was promoted. She will now have more responsibility as an administrator now that Jerle appears to be starting to "burn out." She is also known as Tay or taygan yavo, which was her username on the old MC board.
It's a name... it shouldn't need an example. But just in case there are some d'mis out there...

"Tegan'yavo says she's coming to the next Mysterium convention."
by Sarai February 08, 2004
Founder and head administrator of MystCommunity.com, a large, popular webboard where fans of the Myst series computer games hang out.
Example? It's a name. Isn't that obvious?

Okay, then... for all those d'mis out there... "I talked to Chucker yesterday about MystCommunity."
by Sarai February 08, 2004
An organization made by Myst fans for Myst fans. Every year there is a convention and people vote on which city it will be in. In 2000, it was in Spokane, Washington. In 2002, it was in Carlsbad, New Mexico, in 2003 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 2004 Spokane again, and 2005's will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The purpose of the conventions are to give people who have met online a chance to meet in person. There are contests and presentations at the conventions, which are held in hotels.

Plural: Mysteria, Mysteriums
"I won't be able to make it to Mysterium this year."

"The Mysterium Committee has not yet decided on a date for this year's convention."

"Mysterium.ch's discussion board is called Mystcommunity.com."

"How many Mysterium conventions have you been to?"
by Sarai February 08, 2004
when yer confused, or dont have anythign else to say. also see poots
you might end something you say with "err...stoop" or if you dont kno what someones tlaking about "sure! stoop?"
by sarai April 04, 2004
1.) An evolution to the term: "punk rock" that only the cool, uber pxnk and emo kids use.

2.) A term used by those making fun of the "cool, pxnk rock" kids.

3.) Your mom.
1.) Now THAT is punk rawk.

2.) Like, omgzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Simple Plan r0xorz they are the shiznizzy and the "uhpitamy" of punk RAWK!!!!11

3.) Holla!
by Sarai September 20, 2003
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