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Ryuusei no Rockman, a DS game created by CAPCOM. AKA Mega Man Star Force
RnR is out of date, RnR2 was released.
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 21, 2008
Exposed your sex organs and/or other body parts that can not be exposed. incl. boobs, penis, vagina ,ass, etc.
You seXposed your vagina! (it's actually a belly hole..., you are male.)
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 02, 2008
A city with full of naked people. It may be a title of an X-rated movie/video game/song(maybe they will appear in the future)
A: Look ,I'm listening to Naked City!
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 15, 2008
porn. m looks r and n added together it is also a way to hide porn like using norp
for advanced protection, I changed the folder name to "pom"
by SandaimeSpaceMan March 09, 2008
Gay Porn Site.
A site for gay porn.
Sometimes we make jokes about GPS.
A: Look, I got a GPS!
B: ??!! You became a gay porn site administor??!! LOL
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 08, 2008
Keygen is abbreviation of CD Key Generator. It can generate serial of a commercial program like Photoshop. Try not to download keygens because they are powered by viruses to generate CD keys. Some keygens are fake, they are just a random number generator.
I searched the serial of Photoshop on Google because keygens contains Trojan viruses.
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 16, 2008
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