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time at which someone's gender is finally revealed (usually through intimate contact) and was once believed to belong to the opposite sex
Yeah, so Pat and I got comfy on her couch Friday night, and guess what? She had a member! Yeah, I sexposed her! She's a dude!
by The Unfriendly Possum December 31, 2008
When your friends find out you've slept with someone that you're not exactly proud of.
"Charlie you slept with Marissa last night?!"
"Oh shit! #sexposed"
by SweatyyAFXBL January 13, 2015
Exposed your sex organ.
A: U SEXposed your dick! That's sick!
B: It's just my realistic dildo made by human skin!
A: Are U gay? dildo sex??
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 09, 2008
Exposed your sex organs and/or other body parts that can not be exposed. incl. boobs, penis, vagina ,ass, etc.
You seXposed your vagina! (it's actually a belly hole..., you are male.)
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 02, 2008

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