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stupid redneck mullet
"If I see anyone with a Mississippi Mud Flap, I'm going to slit his neck, and shit down his throat."
by Sampson420ex October 03, 2004
when you titty fuck a girl from the opposite way and she winks on your nuts to tickle them
...ahhh nevermind
by sampson420ex October 06, 2004
take anal beads and put them up a girls ass then proceed to put your foot on her ass and pull them out like a pullstart on a tractor.
damn that bitch couldnt sit for a week after she road on my john deer
by sampson420ex October 06, 2004
an absolutly rediculous amount of hair that is huge and bushed.
"I woke up in the morning and J. Round nuzzer told me i had a nice qwuaf'n poof."
by Sampson420ex October 04, 2004
A white person who is a Cracker
" Micheal J Roundbelly is a fricken Kraca"

" Gu and Mike walked in and I said," Damn Kracas!"
by Sampson420ex October 04, 2004
ahh yes, the definition for such an individual as this kid, whose name began in our high school foods class which was taught by a VERY HOT young women whose name i can't reveal because she is the shit and she's hot, any way, a definition is impossible to put into words,but i'll try...
crazy, wonbledorfing, trout snorting, river jumping, snootersluging, prestinort, nut who is in the band RAMBLECHANT, road waves
schmiterick johnson izzle
by sampson420ex October 06, 2004
A tool needed to trim a masive bush, like the ones Mike likes
Mike came out of his room and said," damn! dis bitch needs a hedge trimma!"
by Sampson420ex October 04, 2004

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