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also :group of people who missbehave
Par´t´arxidia mou !
by salty September 28, 2003
testicle singular, greek root,
describes also a person with a bad behavior
Roufa mou t´ arxidi !
Mou tin ekatse to arxidi !
Tsimpa ena arxidi !
by salty September 28, 2003
male-exclusive hairiness in the private area
Mia poutsotrixa sto plhktrologio !
by salty November 28, 2003
greek traditional cake;
also describing the bad state of your testicles when someone is messing with your balls
Mas ta´kanes tsourekia re filaraki !
by salty September 28, 2003
meatball, Frikadelle
óil-fried little ball of meat and maybe also bread, tomatoes and onions, awesome
Skase re kiofte !
by salty November 28, 2003
One who is transgendered while also considered a brother, or "bro"
"Yo man you see that tranny ova there?"
"Naw man that's they mad chill"
"Ohhhh, they a branny?"
by SALTY November 30, 2013
concentration of smog
Ntoumani to kanate re xasiklides !
by salty November 28, 2003
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