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45 definitions by sally

A long piece of "dung" with white things in it, seems to be the result of chilli cheese dogs from Sonic; usually 7-10 inches in size.
WOW, that is one long targer she just laid.
by Sally April 06, 2004
age between 10 and 13.. ya think u are cool, but ya arent.
Those tweenagers wanna hang with us, but they suck balls.
by sally November 11, 2003
what alex shepherd says when he wants to win an argument. and he does.
alex wins.
by sally September 16, 2003
A man-on-man blow-job.

(( Generally speaking, it's a heterosexual man-on-man blow-job ))
BOB: Hey, Jim! Let's have a wing-eating contest.

JIM: OK, Bob. What do I get if I win?

BOB: How's 20 bucks sound?

JIM: Sounds GREAT!!? And if I lose?

BOB: You have to give me a man-job?

JIM: NOW WAIT JUST A MINUTE? What about the usual reach-around?


by Sally September 14, 2004
Jacking off.

"Playing the trombone originated from an American movie in the 70's. The jock of the movie referred to 'whacking off' as 'playing his trombone'
"I played my trombone like a mad musician right now. The spit valve was pouring like a sucker."
by sally February 04, 2005
diogo is sex. i want to fuck him. i had 6 of his children. he is so hott im melting. woohoooooooooo
omg im going to fuck diogo tonight and give him head in a bathroom at UA
by sally April 20, 2005
the coolest kid on the block and the fattest kid on the block everybody wants to be like zaxlax becuase he is super-chill. Zaxlax is the equivolent of Superman or of God when it comes to be chubby-chill. If you are friends with Zaxlax you may be some of the luckiest people on earth. Girls flock to zaxlax to have their babies
Damn, that Zaxlax is super-chill, I want to be like him
by sally February 09, 2004