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The most sensitive part of a woman and the place she wants you to spend a lot of time on, rubbing and licking and kissing for her to have an orgasm.

The place many men who are not experienced ignore, thereby making women have to fake orgasm just to get it all over with as soon as possible.

Men who do not want to go down on a woman or are inexperienced and useless at sex will usually say 'All me ex girlfriends used to have orgasms easily. What's wrong with you?'
What is the difference between the Pub and a clit?

A man will always find his way to the Pub.
by salina111 November 14, 2010
A police organisation that purportedly stops crime in New York but relies almost solely on an officer called John Mclaine AKA Bruce Willis as seen in Die Hard to single handedly tackle all terrorism and crime in the whole city.

If he gets injured or dies the whole city will be exposed to possible destruction.
'Cause I'm a NYPD cop. I got a six-month backlog on New York scumbags I'm still trying to put behind bars. I can't just pick up and go that easy.
by salina111 November 14, 2010
The fag end of Bournemouth some may say. But it is now the coolest and most hip place to hang out in. Lots of boho cafes that sell organic trendy food and packed out with gorgeous students. Full of arty, bohemian people who dress stylishly. Art galleries, an O2 concert hall, a market and lots of vintage shops.

Those in the know are snapping up Victorian properties with original features while they are still going cheap . Most of the rehab units are closing down, a surf reef has been built and some seriously trendy restaurants where you can dine on the seafront eating declicious mussels in white wine while listening to the sea lapping the shore.

Boscombe it the happening place to be
1. Where did you get that fabulous 50s dress?


Thought so

2. Where are you gonna see the Pixie Lott concert?

Boscombe O2

Can you get me a ticket?
by salina111 December 01, 2010
A man who believes in invisible weapons of mass destruction. Now he has become a Roman Catholic and believes in an invisible God.

Tony Blair could may well have a mental health issue concerning seeing invisible things but people seem to still believe in him.
These Weapons of mass destruction have Tony Blair's name on them.

"Some sad news, President Bush's lapdog passed away. Gee, I didn't even know Tony Blair was sick?"
by salina111 November 29, 2010
Collecting together money from your pockets, bag, around the house or down the back of the settee. Usually collected together to buy some small item like a pint of milk or a loaf of sliced bread. Therefore all the pennies and small change in copper will have an inordinate value.

May be used as a slightly offensive word if you have a group of people pooling all their money to buy a cheap bottle of wine between them or some similar object of desire.
Peter Stringfellow (The king of strip clubs) said recently 'The worst customers we have in here are groups of women (hen parties). They are always coppering together to buy one male stripper between them'.
by salina111 November 23, 2010

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