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chemical abbreviation for oxygen; as there are 2 oxygen atoms in a molecule.
why does life exist?

Because of o2, we need oxygen to live
by me or em August 19, 2009
A bunch of useless cock juggling thunder cunts... that will fuck up your order (or even stop your order)... after wasting your time for up to 2 weeks... with no communication skills what so ever O2 will ruin your day just for the amusement of their staff.
I've been completely O2'ed they hurt my ass too.... the bastards!
by The Shop Front Boys July 31, 2009
A combination of orange juice and orange soda, when, used together create a unique flavor and an energizing drink. Also very nutritious.
I was up late at a sleepover the other night, so we made some O2, drank it all up, and good times were had by all
by Kodiak101 May 12, 2008
A kind of PDA mobile phone based on Windows Mobile that often hangs, freezes, or crashes for no reason.
Damn, my O2 crashes again, this is the 3rd time I had to restart it today!
by Chak February 17, 2008
A word used to describe a whore, slut, or a flamboyant gay person. The reason being O2 is the makeup of oxygen. And oxygen is everywhere, it gets around. Just like slutty person.
I dont want to go to there, it will be filled with O2's
by stupidyellowbear69 January 16, 2011
A person that is "unique" and is "special", the one and luckly only.
O2 of Lambert C Block, The Lawns, Cottingham, Hull, England
by C Block Mafia September 26, 2005

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