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Over privileged and under-talened British singer, who probably believes that her success in the music world is as a result of a wonderful voice and incisive lyrics, rather than as a result of her just being a great piece of ass who parades herself in hot pants and semi-transulcent vest tops.

A metaphor for anyone who believes their personal success in life is down to anything other than the way they look.
Example 1:
Office Jock 1: Jeez, Marilu climbed the corporate ladder pretty quick.

Office Jock 2: Yeah, and she thinks it's down to actual ability. What a Pixie Lott.

Example 1:
Roadie 1: Who's gear is this we're shifting?

Roadie 2: Just some slag who thinks she famous for her singing and songwriting; you know, like Pixie Lott.
by jpeterman September 05, 2009
Pixie Lott is a English singer and songwriter she also done some time as acting. She appeared in the West End of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang she was also on BBC ones the Sound of Music. She lives in Essex with her father whom is a Stock Broker, her Mother a Housewife, She also has a older brother and sister.

Her Real name is Victoria Lott, The Pixie part come from her mother because she said that she was like "tiny, cute baby" Whom looked like a fairy.

She also attended the school Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, where she developed her acting ability even though she had it naturaly.

Her First song was called "Mama Do (Oh Uh Oh Uh)" which reached number 1 in the UK Singles Chart.

She is currently signed with the record label Mercury.
Dave: So did you find the V Festival good?

Bob: Yeah, Pixie Lott was there.. God shes stunning and a great singer.

Dave: Damn i wish i went!

Bob: You should of!
by ACSL August 24, 2009
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