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28 definitions by sTeALtH

A complete Tard, Someone that doesn't know their arse hole from their Ear hole! Someone that has to have every little thing repeated to them at least twice..... repeated to them at least twice!
That bloke is such a numpty, I made his password his first name and I still had to spell it for him !
by Stealth July 16, 2003
A deliberate mispronounciation of the word “ENEMY” in Quake 3 mod, TrueCombat.
We've got the enermy flag.
by stealth July 13, 2003
Derived from "vocabulary" and "fabulous," vofabulary are words that
a] are spoken primarily by gay people
b] can be used to describe gay people
After Johnny came out of the closet, his vofabulary increased immensely.
by Stealth April 25, 2004
A ciggarette or refferring to a pack of ciggarettes
"I really need a stigetto break"
"Stop here, I need to buy a pack of stigetto"
by Stealth June 14, 2006
What I think is the best curse word. Damn, not as versitile as fuck, but very helpful still. Is mostly used at the begining of a sentence.
Damn madam I'd love to have sexual intercourse with you.
by Stealth July 15, 2003
Describing one who is homosexual
"Lance Bass is total fagetto in my book"

"I would spend the night at Robert's house but he always goes all fagetto on me when his parents go to sleep"
by Stealth June 14, 2006
Also goes by the nicks Dani and Mondo on Razorville.
* Bluchu is now known as Mondo
by Stealth November 22, 2004