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A french kiss that also involves groping, particularly around the ass.
We colombian kissed behind the bleachers last night.
by Stealth May 01, 2005
Illegal pirating of Software, Video, Audio. all copyrighted material that has been cracked (remove Timebomb, cd-key algorith, CD Verification etc...) and then released by a group or iND (iNDEPENDANT) in such a form as Release.name.goes.here.and.format-Group
The warez release of Windows.XP.SP.2-ECHELiON was nuked for being fake in #p-r-e
by Stealth December 18, 2003
A deep throat sucking of the cock
Get down there girl and Nosh... I wanna feel my nuts on your Chin
by Stealth July 17, 2003
Nobody really knows, a mysterious figure. Roughly human in appearance, this creature appears not to sleep, it is thought that it substitutes this by spending endless hours in a lonely room, playing on the neopets site, 'regenerating'.
Jimbaz disappeared into his lair and pretended not to be present, perhaps to regenerate in peace
by stealth February 13, 2005
N. An insult sugesting you have a face on your head.
Woman, why you gots to be suck a face head?!
by Stealth August 14, 2003
To diminish the strength or energy of; fatigue.
"I am Nehaled because of school."
by Stealth January 19, 2005
Any substance that has the ability to intoxicate a person
I think it's time I topped up my toxigens
by stealth February 04, 2004
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