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66 definitions by sTaCy

An animal fart!
My dog ate bacon so he pooted a lot this morning.
by Stacy March 17, 2004
an abundant source in the US in which its variables and easy availability have caused an epidemic of obesity and bad relationships with food
Food is treacherous! Quod me nutruit me DESTRUIT!!!
by Stacy June 06, 2003
A SUPER hot guy that girls tend to cheat on their presant boyfriends with since he is just SO hot and nice and cool and his dad has got it goin on!
Stacy is going out with Mike but likes Korey.
by Stacy September 02, 2003
Kick ass song by Sum 41
I dont wanna waste my time, become another casualty of society
by sTaCy February 18, 2004
what my ex boyfriend is
My ex-boyfriend Mark is a pole smoker.
by Stacy February 22, 2004
The fittest guy in the whole world aswell as being the kindest guy i know
James i love ya and ur all mine.
by stacy July 26, 2004
a asshole or a man who is a dick.
That guy is such a penis brain!
by Stacy February 21, 2004