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66 definitions by sTaCy

The language that Don Vito uses.
English: Is it up a hill?
Vitoglish: Zuppa hill?
by Stacy November 06, 2004
when someone has had a cock in their mouth.
Mark always had cock breath. :(
by Stacy March 21, 2004
To take your penis and rub it around the the rim of someones cup or glass.
You're such an ass, I think I'll dirtydick your cup when you leave.
by Stacy February 19, 2005
A man who has perfected his skills in the areas of box management and facial stimulation. Not to be confused with a husbanderman, who has not.
My life has really improved since the addition of the fuckerman.
by Stacy May 15, 2004
semen, bodily fluid from a man's dick.
That guy spooged on my big tits. :)
by Stacy May 04, 2004
breasts, bouncy things on a woman's body.
My big boobies are fun to suck on. :)
by Stacy June 22, 2004
rage and soundgarden individually created the orgasm of sound, each style from their own creativity, but now in a united front, AUDIOSLAVE, they create the cornerstone of rock perfection. The unique combination works perfectly and is the climax of music history, in my wee opinion anyway!
Audioslave can make you come hard and fast, or slow and errotically.PERFECTION
by stacy May 28, 2003