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66 definitions by sTaCy

another word / slang word for weed, hemp, marijuana, reefer, etc....
mostly used in the state of texas,,, check the lyrics to "sweetness" by Jimmy Eat World.. sweet is defanetly slang for weed !!
by Stacy February 20, 2005
30 31
the tip of a man's penis
I love to suck that man's purple wonder!
by Stacy February 22, 2004
5 7
A friend met through
Yo, my friendster came over and last night and we hooked up like WHOA.
by Stacy November 25, 2003
7 10
a stinky smell that comes from someone's butt.
I just farted very badly, phew!
by Stacy February 24, 2004
8 12
n. a personality disorder with symptoms of fluctuating characteristics, such as productivity and/or weight, indecisiveness, mood swings, and a state of either wishfulness or deep regret
Her inconsistency in the extreme and it's life hindering side affects had her diagnosed with stacionella.
by Stacy June 06, 2003
5 9
a strange, unexpected screech made after a Democratic primary or caucus
"After an upsetting third place at the Iowa caucus, Howard Dean made an unforgettable yee haw that was played around 700 times on CNN within the next 24 hours."
by Stacy April 10, 2004
17 22
someone with light colored hair and sexy features. :)
I am a sexy blonde with big boobs. :)
by Stacy April 04, 2004
47 52