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when you make a mistake when typing and do the little *correcty thing, and then you fuck up again, and have to do the correction with two **
aw fcuk
"this is a Double-Star-Fucked statement"
by Rockandrolljunkiie February 27, 2009
One who enjoys riding a dildo, man or woman
Sean Seams is such a Dildo-Jockey
by Rockandrolljunkiie January 28, 2009
when you stick your headphones in your poket and they somehow manage to get all fuck-tangled in your poket, making them resemble intestines
Jake: Let's listen to Job For A Cowboy!

Tom: well i would if my headphones weren't all Head-phone Intestines
by Rockandrolljunkiie February 24, 2009
When one has pubes sooo soft, one could mistake them for a kittens fur
Ellen Davis has a Vagina-Cat, its sooo soft
by Rockandrolljunkiie February 04, 2009
When a male is unable To attain an erection, it is known as a Cock-Fail
Poor Eric, he had a Cock-Fail With Chelsea Last night...twice
by Rockandrolljunkiie January 28, 2009
The bat that lives in the cooter of a female, often mistaken for a Vag-Cat
Bree's Cooter Bats Are so damn loud, i couldn't get any sleep last night
by Rockandrolljunkiie May 12, 2010
A friend that laughs constantly or way too much.
Eric: Poo


Eric: Happalaughagus much
by Rockandrolljunkiie April 06, 2009

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