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Someone who does not like President George Bush and who does not agree with his agenda.
I am very anti-Bush.
by RJ August 08, 2004
slang derrogatory term used in referring to accountants.
i would hate to be a bean counter for a living. i would rather be poor and have a personality.
by RJ April 13, 2003
A country ruled by Strong Bad, which is mostly just an empty field. The population of Strong Badia is Tire. A common misconception is that Strong Bad and The Cheat also live in Strong Badia. However, Strong Bad actually lives in a house with his brothers Strong Mad and Strong Sad in Free Country, USA. The Cheat also resides in Free Country, USA, in the King of Town's Bar-B-Q. Thus, the Population of Tire for Strong Badia is quite accurate, unless you want to include other inanimate objects in Strong Badia such as the fence, the cinder block, and the Stop sign on which the population is written.
...get a little place in Strong Badia...
by RJ April 28, 2004
what happens when I eat too many doritos
Doritos is the number one leading cause of bfs
by RJ September 08, 2003
Minced Hot Dog covered in ketchup with thin noodles.
Chris D's favorite flip meal! That and an extra value meal at jollibee's (flip fast food found in the slums of SF)
by Rj December 15, 2003
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