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143 definitions by rich

A person of lower IQ and social status, not quite retarded but at the same time no rocket scientist
Oi! Dingle
by Rich October 21, 2003
When your handwriting is unreadable by anybody but yourself.
Tom's teacher complained that only Tom could read his won chicken scratch.
by Rich June 20, 2003
come on pal! i'm a white british kid and i know def jam didn't originate in the mid 90's and has fuck all to do with mos def. it (was) a legendary record label, see public enemy, beastie boys, ll cool j and bunch of other old skool legends
...err, i think slick rick used to be there too. btw, it's bit wank now, like most hip hop
by rich May 05, 2005
"the mouth"; to refer to someones mouth in a homosexual reference
"shut your man pleaser"
by Rich January 14, 2003
Jism, or sperm
I'll shoot jizzle from ma pizzle in your snizzle fo shizzle

I will shoot hot cum in your face you hot bitch, for sure
by Rich August 21, 2003
To present your middle finger to someone as an act of defiance.
MEATWAD: He's always messsing with me.
UHR: Shoot him the bird!
IGNIGNOKT: Yes, give him the finger.
by rich April 04, 2004
To make something gay or feminine.
I need to go home and fag it up before my girlfriend comes over.

When Rich and Ted went to Pier One they came back home and fagged it up.
by Rich March 16, 2007