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A stick used by Doctors to beat newborn babies about the face with so that they are not beautiful.
Nurse: Here is the Ugly Stick Doc. This one is poor white trash, 5 whacks should do it.
Doctor: The next on is from the projects, right? Okay, find the heavy duty model, we will need it.
by ricflairismyfather October 07, 2005
Person who appears to have two butts. One in the back, one in the front.
"Wow, She can sit backwards on a bar stool her front butt is so hugemongous"
by ricflairismyfather October 04, 2005
Game played by non-ghetto residents when driving through the ghetto where a housing project is on one side of the street and a liquor store is on the other side.
"I almost hit that one, old bastard risked is life for a forty and a loosey. It's like playing Ghetto Frogger down here.
by ricflairismyfather October 03, 2005
A toy train where human fieces are the engine and cars, twigs are used to connect them, and rocks are the wheels.
Jim Bob was so poor when he was a kid his parents could not even afford to buy him a poop poo train. But look at him now, he has a whole collection.
by ricflairismyfather October 07, 2005
Name you call someone (to their face) who is not very sharp and gets on your nerves. Richard = Dick, Whiskey = Liquor, therefore you are calling him a Dick Licker.
Melvin: Hi, I want to be your friend. I am really good at soccer and I have horrible breath too.
Brian: Hey now, richard whiskey, aren't you late for something. Scoot along now and I will talk to you later.
Melvin(thinking to himself): He really likes me. He made up a nick name for me...but what does richard whiskey mean?
by ricflairismyfather October 07, 2005
Pissing Out Your Shitter
"Man, I drank so much Saturday night, I had the P.O.Y.S. for two days"
by ricflairismyfather October 04, 2005
Something you want to feed someone who has made an obsurd request.
"I am not going to loan that sucker a dime, however, I will give him a turd sandwich"
by ricflairismyfather October 03, 2005

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