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When toking from a bong, one must hold a lit lighter to the end of the chalice, put his mouth to the opening at the top of the bong and breath in to draw the smoke up and into the chamber. The process is referred to as 'milking the chamber.' Once the chamber has been milked appropriately, the toker takes his thump from the rush hole and breathes in HARD, sucking up a sweet blend of air and smoke which may give him a harsh headrush.
"Dude, you milked that chamber nicely, now take yo' thumb off the rush hole and BREATHE IT!!"
by Rep August 24, 2004
A sophisticated passing system for when a joint is rolled and about to be smoked. If someone (usually the person who rolled it) calls 'three toke pass,' it basically means you have three tokes on the joint before you pass it. Usually, three toke pass is the default toke amount.
Guy 1: "Yo, dude, we doin' three toke pass, right?"
Guy 2: "Yup."
Guy 1: "Sweet."
by Rep August 24, 2004
Sameer Catered Lunch - A specialized luncheon catered by the well reknown Sameer. The trademarks of this lunch include opulent quantities of protein with minimal carbs. The food tends to be of high quality and often shock and amaze attendees.
Appropriate usage includes -
" This pizza lunch is horrible, we should have got an SCL set up."


"Man, this SCL is dope."
by REP September 26, 2012
'Super-cained' occurs to people smoking excessive amounts of pot. It is quite an intense high, as one will find oneself getting sucked into the centre of the earth. It's more intense than 'mashed,' much for intense than 'cained' and far more intense than just a 'high.'
"I... thiiiiiink I may be super-cained... AAAAARrrr!!"
by Rep August 24, 2004
To take a drag/toke/puff of a marijuana joint/spliff.
"Yo, dude, let's have a take on the joint?"
by Rep August 24, 2004
Solid, also known as 'hash' or 'rocky,' is cannabis resin (not the green stuff) and isn't so great in comparason, but hey, it's better than nothing.

Apparently, there are some dangers with solid; sometimes it's mixed with camel crap (not so bad) but sometimes it can be mixed with oil to give you cancer that bit more quickly.
Guy 1: "What the fuck? We havn't got enough for an eighth of weed..."
Guy 2: "Should we save it for next time or pick up some solid instead?"
Guy 1: "Pick up, pick up!"
Guy 2: "Agreed."
by Rep August 24, 2004
'Cained' is the desired stage one should be aiming for when out smoking pot with his buddies. It's more intense then a 'high,' but has yet to go into 'stoned.'
"I'd introduce you to the parents, dude, but you're a bit cained."
by Rep August 24, 2004

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