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the latest throway hip poper who has been exploted by greed and power rather than talent and originality
50 Cent is going to cry when he realises he can't pay back his multi million dollar advance.
by realist April 23, 2003
the highjacking of a cultural movement to create fast cash by marketing and signing talentless artists who release music of this genre
If it plays in the background at McStarPizzaHutbucksKFC its hip pop
by realist April 23, 2003
a new word
he had created a neologism
by realist April 23, 2003
I fucked up ugly ass gator mouth, hoey bitch that that'll take any dick coming her way. She has big puffy eyes and a fucked up grill and big as ugly feet,
"Damn why Clamesh like to smile so much wit them fucked up teeth".

"Damn Calmesha fucked up."

"Damn Calmesha dumb."

"yo, Dumb ass gone be just like Calmesha."
by Realist March 20, 2004
Originally made up to keep people from hurting, killing, and stealing from others, and to make people treat others with decency and kindness, it's actually caused what it wanted to prevent. People have killed, hurt, and stole just because one does not believe the same ideas and opinions concerning religion as they do. Religion is a good thing, however, things like marrying as a virgin are nearly impossible. It's good to have morals, but religions not as needed as before. There are now laws to keep people in line. I believe in God BUT the "YOU WILL BURN IN HELL IF-" crap should stop.
She strongly believes in religion.
by realist March 30, 2004

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