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a person who is crazy, stoner, funny or your good friend.
1.your a crazy poper (british accent)
2. i live on POPPER STREET ( british accent)
3. i like you, my good poper!
by quicey... April 15, 2003
deriving for the lst name 'pope' it is a term given to someone with exessively big, and/or hairy legs.
it can also be used in the sense
'get youre popes out'
Hen: 'woah man, that lady needs a shave'
Moe: 'she got some popers on her'

#hairy #hairy twat #bucket #sleeze #hairy muff #popes #big
by hen&moe March 07, 2009
a large person around 15 to 16 years of age, who has abnormally large breasts, a loud, annoying half laugh, and who is very intelligent in the mathmatical field. This person may tend to smell like pubs, or even pop into a discussion without an invite.
Poper sits alone in the cafeteria.
#cory #math #nerd #science #pub
by HSMloverr October 02, 2008
Someone who attends the school Pope John Paul ll
"im going to be a poper next year"
by ch33ka December 20, 2004
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