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annoying little wannabie bastards who buy the clothes and want to be alternative, genrally try to be as violent as townies whilst pretending there goths. listen to shit like slipknot and "pop-punk" (contradiction in terms i know) like blink 18suckarse.
If you ever see one even remotely near a real mosh, get in there and beat the fuck out of those annoying twats
/mini-mosher before- "ahh yeah mate, lets go start a mosh to blink 182"
/crying mini-mosher- "ahh man, i couldnt get out of the mosh and somone trod on my toe"
by random February 28, 2004
One who lets blind rage control their thought, and who feels the need to place blame that should be shared by many, onto one.
Even though the whole class was screaming, Mrs. Robinson pulled an Oiler fan and blamed her headache only on Johnnie.
by random October 31, 2003
a middle aged person from the mid-to late 1960s who was part of a movement to reform culture, but ended up becoming a brand new "counterculture". characterized by unkempt look, experimentation with drugs and hallucinogenics, i think thats how you spell it, and ideas of sexual freedom.
there are a bunch of hippies left in san francisco.
by Random April 06, 2004
The word jomo means a little female creature who resembles a small animal much like a tortoise. It is also inspired by China and usually said in the same sentence as the word Soy Sauce.

A Jomos habits usually include having a strange love of Hello Kitty and eating good food. She usually stays close to her peers especially those who enjoy the presence of arms. A jomo is your friend.
Aw, what a cute little Jomo.
by Random March 16, 2005
means "rolling on floor laughing".
a dude called hubart ch4n actually says "rofl" and u must admit its pretty sad. YOU DONT SEE HIM ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING DO YOU!
hub4rt ch4n: I R SO L33T
hub4rt ch4n: ROFL
hub4rt ch4n: ROFL
hub4rt ch4n: ROFL
by RANDOM October 26, 2003
Michael Kylmasz, large man titties
Damn LunchBox, get your pumpkin tits out of my face...
by Random June 21, 2003
The coolest person alive who wrote a definition for aaron wood
by RanDom June 19, 2003

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