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implying something large, thick, wet, or inflated.
"look at that juicey hamburger"
"she had such a juicey rack"
by Chase Englund January 17, 2008
35 19
Sweetened mixture of tobacco, betel and catechu chewed together. Sold in small brightly coloured packets which attract children. It is a very recent development in its current form which is aimed specifically and cynically at children. It first appeared on the Indian sub continent in that form few years ago.

Street name for Manik Chand.

Cooler than Juice.
yo, man, I'm feelin that juicey right now
by riyad August 28, 2010
7 8
drug terminology for a joint/blunt of weed mixed with crack cocaine.
man, pass that juicey to that left!
by RICOG$ October 30, 2005
7 37