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n. - This person is extremely attractive, witty, and tends to have a sassy personality. She is self described as being awkward, but amazingly awkward. Is ruined by the thought of screaming seagulls, and has no desire to be affiliated with the term pandamized. Takes Gorgeous photos, especially in a mock-wedding scenario. Watch what you say to this person as they are quick to quote someone and claim superior fluid intelligence. Enjoys laying around in a t-shirt and sweatpants consuming a snack that is magically delicious. Can be easily persuaded by sad emojis. A simple "how are you" is much appreciated by her. She feels that it's work to keep up a conversation with her, but in actuality you will look forward to every minute of of it. This L.B. will have you longing for more and more.
Guy: Shit the Fuck Yeah! It L.B. I'm so smitten and drawn in!
L.B.: I'm not sorry!
#sassy #awkward #gorgeous #witty #pandamized
by Zombiewoof80 June 12, 2015
meaning "little bitch". Often used to describe whiny, complaining Noobs who are constantly bitching.
"Denis is the biggest LB"
#bitch #cunt #little #whiny #faggot
by JPHberg November 30, 2006
Little Boy; Often used when describing a male being too cocky or Immature for his age. Hanging around older women and trying to look older for his actual age.
Girl 1: Ew Yesterday this LB tried getting my number.
Girl2: Oh that's gross. Was he smoking?
Girl1: Yeah, but he started coughing halfway through a breath.
Girl2: What an LB.
#little boy #immature #annoying #wanna-be #loser
by petiteCarly September 05, 2009
In a Fraternity, "LB" means "Line Brother".
Guy 1: who's that?
Guy 2: Oh that's my LB, we crossed spring '07.
#lb #line brother #fraternity #greek #cross
by Salvadornena July 20, 2008
Short for pound ( as in Marijuana)
Ima get me an lb for dis weekend NICCA
by Stage-4-Neon February 01, 2005
The second most popular club at P.A. Best known for being the only and most powerful rival to the infamous "Offroadaz"

Group meetings often lead to laying around and watching T.V.

Was formed entirely to piss of the "Offroadaz".
Did you hear what the L.B's did last night?. Absolutely nothing.
#offrodaz #group #t.v #p.a #lazy
by G-Buzz November 10, 2009
Lover Boy usually associated with Cc or C&C (Cuffed and Cheating)
Chris: You seen Mike?
John: He's with his girlfriend like always
Chris:Damn... LB
#lb #lover boy #romeo #cuffed #shame
by Les123 November 05, 2010
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