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A large van, almost the size of a small bus, that is used by churches or other organizations to haul 15 kids around. Many mormon families have them so they can haul all 13 of their children.
Damn dude, I wish this mormon mobile wouldn't take up 3 spots downtown when I'm trying to park.
by rabblerouser August 16, 2006
A phrase used to basically say "Whatever", "I don't give a fuck", or a sarcastic "Well Excuuuuuse me".
Often said in response to somebody pointing out the fact that one is wrong in a matter that is of total unimportance.
Person 1 - Actually you're wrong. Now Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun.
Person 2 - So shoot me.
by rabblerouser August 18, 2006
A tool used by shoplifters. Usually a shoebox with one side of it cut out, and lined with tin foil. The missing side is held against the body and items are stuffed into the box and then walked out of the store. The tin foil is used so that the anti theft device won't set of any alarm systems on the way out. Often tested by putting a cellphone in the box and then trying to call it. If the phone doesn't ring, then it's usuable. If it does, the one solution is to use more tinfoil.
On a side note, you will be arrested if found in posession of one of these, even if you were not in the act of shoplifting.
Dude let's hit up Best Buy, I just made this sick booster box and they won't know what hit em.
by Rabblerouser August 16, 2006
A Dirty 24 hour a day restraunt built over a river. Made mainly for insomniac highschoolers and old people. Found a few places in montana.
Shit dude, it's 3 in the morning and i want scrambled eggs, fries, coffee, and a slice of pie. let's go to finnegans.
by rabblerouser August 19, 2006
The grass lawn in front of the Seattle court house. One of the dirtiest places known to man, which is odd considering the fact that it is square in the middle of downtown.
It is called Muskatel Meadows because of the cheap alcohol that is consumed by 100% of the homeless that lurk around there at all hours of the day.
Nobody but homeless people stick a foot in the area for fear of extreme panhandling.
If you are walking from downtown Seattle to a Mariners game at safeco, be sure to take a quick glimpse at Muskatel Meadows. Just make sure you're on the prefontaine fountain side of the street.
by rabblerouser August 28, 2006
To talk large amounts of shit, or acting very tough while getting in fights online, or via text messages. Usually responded to by other people with textoserone who will call out other people on their textoserone.
That kid has so much textoserone, I'm suprised he isn't banned.
by Rabblerouser August 01, 2007
A movie to be released on August 18, 2006, starring Samuel Jackson. Snakes are released on an airplane by an assassin that is trying to kill Kel.
Amassed a huge cult following before it's release date, with relatively no advertising until a week or so before it was released.
Most are expecting it to be reminiscent of the 80's horror films everyone loves that are so bad that they're funny. In fact, the entire movie is played off this premise.
"I've had it with these muthafuckin snakes on this muthafucking plane." -Samuel Jackson, Snakes on a plane
by rabblerouser August 16, 2006

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