a bald spot under the chin when a guy hasn't completed puberty.
Andy has a finnegan, you can touch it for good luck.
by contessa_fay October 14, 2009
A Dirty 24 hour a day restraunt built over a river. Made mainly for insomniac highschoolers and old people. Found a few places in montana.
Shit dude, it's 3 in the morning and i want scrambled eggs, fries, coffee, and a slice of pie. let's go to finnegans.
by rabblerouser August 19, 2006
an ungodly person who is excessively proud of her new orleanian background;
talented only in the areas of interpretive dancing and lying;
usually has an unhealthy obsession with anorexic college boys;
often sighted grabbing donuts from unsuspecting children
"i heard that finnegan let a jan put a tatoo of a fleur de lis on her ass"
"what a fuckin finnegan"
by schweik November 23, 2007
During a live broadcast Judy Finnegan was so inebriated on set that she soiled herself. During the ad break she was forced to change into a trouser suit while a production assistant cleaned up the mess.
I just came so hard I Finneganned myself.

Would you like me to Finnegan on your face.

If only I hadn't Finneganned it up.
by Cow-boy Funtime May 09, 2008

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