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A person of country India
by ram January 15, 2003
An Ihab is a damn beast. He averages 13 goals a game and 19 blocks. He once destroyed the world and rebuilt it with his beastliness. He also bought spinnin' teeth for himself and his future children. Ihab agrees that Bibby is majestic and thinks Allen Iverson looks like Ludacris.
Hal Ihab beast? Na'am, na'am.
by ram January 16, 2005
to be beautiful; to be peaceful
The flower is ramneek.
by Ram February 28, 2005
An event in which Fordham Prep of the Bronx, NY is destined to emerge victorious for the rest of eternity.
Did you hear Fordham Prep won at Millrose?

Yeah man, they always do.
by Ram January 25, 2005
1.the act of pulling out during sex,
2.stopping the act of sex because you are about to skeet.
1. I was making love to my girl, and i didn't have a condom, so I had to skeet-stutter.
by Ram April 02, 2004
when HR department in companies go hiring female candidates on the false pretext of gender balance in their organization.
companies hiring only female candidates during the current financial year is another example of "Lady Bug Effect".
by rAM August 27, 2012
One who renders himself conspicuous by affectation of dress, manners, and speech. The word was first familiarised in London in 1881, and is a revival of the old word dudes (clothes). We have several derivations, as dudder, one who sells dress-pieces; duddery, a rag-shop; duddle, to wrap up warmly (Halliwell), etc. It is not of American origin. The term is also unisex.
He is a cool dude.
Look at that dude.
by Ram February 23, 2005

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