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A person who politely smiles and feigns amusement, while someone in their presence re-enacts a comedy sequence so poorly that others nearby are embarrassed.
John's longwinded retelling of the usually hilarious apoopalypse skit made me a comedy-captive for four painful minutes.
by ram March 08, 2005
semen esp. ejaculated from male humans onto/into the undergarments of women
I was so hot for that cheerleader that i shot a load of garter tartar all over her panties.
by ram May 12, 2005
euphemism for vagina.
Tim's balls got tight as he prepared to fire a load of jism into Mary's sweaty axe wound.
by ram June 23, 2006
An event in which Fordham Prep of the Bronx, NY is destined to emerge victorious for the rest of eternity.
Did you hear Fordham Prep won at Millrose?

Yeah man, they always do.
by Ram January 25, 2005
1.the act of pulling out during sex,
2.stopping the act of sex because you are about to skeet.
1. I was making love to my girl, and i didn't have a condom, so I had to skeet-stutter.
by Ram April 02, 2004
A woman who is ready and willing for sex at closing time in a bar/night-club (due to an amalgam of intoxication and desperation).
After looking at hot guys all night while getting her drink on, Candy was a 2 o'clock tiger when the ugly lights came on.
by ram September 25, 2007
Pretending to be involved in a phone conversation, especially to avoid someone or to appear busy.
Jake was nervous about being in a room full of strangers, so he made a fauxne call that lasted as long as the party.
by ram September 19, 2007

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