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A school that attracts all the straight kids who applied to both Iona and Fordham, and got into both
Mike: Hey, i got into fordham prep and iona prep, where should i go?

Joe: Well, normally i would advise fordham, but since ur such a big gay face, i think iona is more appropriate

Mike: Good idea, lord knows how much of a fag i am
by Fordham September 20, 2006
A school in New York City that is very much similar to that of Regis and Xavier High School. It has tough academics along with a plethora of useful electives and many overqualified teachers. The school has a reputation for being full of faggot geeks. Although this is true to an extent(proven by the obsession with the male singer Justin Bieber that swept through the school on 12/17/09) the kids there, if they know how to correctly manage their time, are able to have a social life.
Many students have commutes over an hour and a half just to go to Fordham Prep
by JAYZFROMNYC January 05, 2010
A school in the Bronx, where a lot of faggy kids go. They're a bunch of buttmunchers and cocksuckers. Their name explains it all, the Fordham Rams.
"Fordham Rams Guys"
"FRG men"
"Fags only go to Fordham Prep"
by Your Mom's Tits December 04, 2007
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