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term of endearment or pet name between annoying lovers who constantly PDA
does shmoopie want tuna-woonie?
aww. shmoopie.
by shmooperkins rodriguez May 29, 2003
a website that summarizes and analyzes books for lazy students who really dont want to do it themselves
dude, i really dont understand this book at all.
shmoop it.
by kdepasquo137 July 18, 2013
1. A word that can be used as pretty much anything; often used as an exclamation, but can also describe an action or person, or even be its own noun.

2. Something really cute or fluffy.

"Heyy Shmoopie how's it going?"

"She was just shmooping around."

"Aww I love those shmoops."
by whoa_its_soph April 25, 2010
to lay around, snuggle, and/or be a waste of life...and love every minute of it.
hey Lan, it's 11:30-get off facebook so we can shmoop and watch sex and the city!
by Allie6104 May 21, 2006
To give someone (often, a student or child) an encouraging nudge in the right direction. Yiddish origin.
Hannah is a decent student, but she needs a little shmoop to get started on her homework.
by DeliFan June 09, 2008
the act of reading a summary of text off of the internet
Did u shmoop the english homework last night.
Everyone be quiet I am shmooping.
by TheAmbassador April 05, 2013
What one says instead of cursing when frustrated
You son of a Shmoop!
by RAM December 20, 2002
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