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A nickname given to a person (usually male) with anger issues, and peculiar behavioural traits.
Often, this person can either be a manic depressive or a borderline schizophrenic because of the symptoms which they portray.
Although they are still able to get amazing girlfriends, they will often cause marital disputes by acting the goat and getting violent.
'Look at that boy over there, what's he doing?'
'I don't know.. it must be a bibby!'
by Gemma Rowlands March 05, 2009
59 18
Bibby is THE word for cool. It's sweeping the nation like the atkins diet.
That song was so bibby.
by bibby July 13, 2004
72 41
an idiot baby or a retarded noob cake
gish: what the expletive is eating that apple sawce
dog: its a bibby
by JChoooooo November 02, 2005
31 26
A childish term for a hideous cherub or picture of a sickly-sweet baby or seraph. The sort that puts you off your meal.
"Yuch! I don't want to eat my sanwdwich in the Cistine Chapel, it's too full of Bibbies".
by chris wheelie April 21, 2005
36 38
Bibby the definition of a player that sucks at L2 and things he is good at duelist but its a total 180.
Bibby is Bibby
by THATBOYGOD August 28, 2010
4 9
Most commonly used to define a fat twat, usually over 21 stone. With jeans that dont fit and reveal the canyon of his arse, you may find many rock climbers within this canyon... they can fit.

These people usually think they are musically talented... when in reality, they sound like a punk chipmunk... with a guitar.
How bloody Bibby is that?!?!
by Ian Cropper February 11, 2007
6 14
A person who loves to eat everyone's food but theres 24/7.
That bibby is so annoying.
by valerio December 04, 2005
16 28