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anything given to you by someone that hates you.
"Looks like that bitch gave you a scorpion."
by R March 10, 2004
A fly-ass cat who after recieving a small amount of coke, will even blow your penis for you. Even due to this action, he is still good with the ladies. Not.
Hey, Joey-D, stop sucking my penis and go be good with the ladies.
by r August 23, 2004
The name of a popular childrens cereal.
NOW with chocolate P-Diddys!!!!
Damn this bowl of Puff Daddy sure is good, now that there's some P-Diddys in it, its GRRRREAT!
by R March 19, 2005
Yet another way to get a page up on the internet for free. People visit their own blog every minute to check for activity.
Blogger: I check my blog's hit counter every minute

Standard person: Uhuh and how many visits to your blog?

Blogger: OMG WTF 1440 hits today!!!! w00t!!

Standard person: 60*24 = 1440

Blogger signed off at 4:56 PM
by R April 08, 2006
(noun) - the bridge of skin between the testicles and the anus. See also taint and grundle.
It's notch yer ass and it's notch yer balls!
by R February 01, 2005
A new car company that makes really ugly cars that resemble lowered minivans. People who drive these think they are cool and unique but are really just lame.
Person A: Hey did you get a new minivan?
Person B: No dude, that's my new Scion. Isn't it cool?
Person A: Uh, if you say so.
by R February 03, 2005
Anime fanboy.
Hentai fanboy.
That guy is coffex.
by R February 28, 2005
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