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Hot White Cum (see Liz Phair's self-titled album, track 11)
"It's the fountain of youth
It's the meaning of life
So hot, so sweet, so wet my appetite

Gimme your hot white cum (HWC)
Gimme your hot white cum (HWC)
Gimme your hot white cum (HWC)
Gimme your hot white cum (HWC)"
by Flash in the Pants September 03, 2006
HWC (Hat wearing cunts) - Commonly refered to as people who wear wife beaters and flat brimmed hats, own a motocross bike and commonly live in such outer main city areas such as Maitland/Newcastle NSW. There Past times include glassing people , abusing spouses and riding motocross bikes. These HWC's are quite commonly found in gang and are the main instigators in causing 1am club lockouts in the Newcastle region.
my husband beat , he's a damn HWC
by HWC hater December 24, 2010
Hot White Cock. A male Sex organ that seem's pleasing in lenght and girth.
man look at that HWC
by r March 14, 2005
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