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4 definitions by protonman7

From the movie "A Clockwork Orange". A pair of very nice,
probably large, firm breasts. The best kind of breasts.
The young devotchka had real horrorshow groodies.
by protonman7 October 30, 2011
A total waste of perfectly good farmland
Fresno is a good place to leave
by Protonman7 December 18, 2013
A person who is lazy, slow, useless, always lagging behind.
The Seahawks used to be a great team, but now it's all a bunch of lolligaggers.
by protonman7 October 30, 2011
A lesbian who is the submissive, feminine type. They tend to
be earthy, hippie-types that don't shave their armpits or legs.
The counterpart to a "butch" lesbian.
It was obvious which one of the couple was "butch" and which was the "fern".
by protonman7 October 30, 2011