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To bubble pop: to invade somebody's personal space (their aura) and be too touchy/up-close-and-personal.
Tom: Give me a kiss...
Gill: Please, fuck off you're really bubble popping me right now.
by planetchad June 15, 2009
This is a phrase used to describe somebody who is hogging the smoking device and keeping it to yourself.
Lyle: Dude, Jack, pass the bong!
Randy: You're like president bong over there, Jack.
by planetchad June 15, 2009
1. Fade (verb)

When a person fades, it means that they are getting sleepy and thus starts to fall alseep.
This usually occurs when a person has smoked too much marajuana and is "coming down" from their high.
It is viewed as anti-social or "weak" is some cases.

2. Fader (noun)
A fader is a person who commits the act of fading (see above).
Ben: Aw, dude, I'm so sleepy.
Chris: Damn, you're becoming such a fader.

Abby: I can't keep my eyes open, we have smoked too much.
Leila: Omg, don't fade on me!
*slaps Abby*
by planetchad June 12, 2009
Cupcaking (verb).

Cupcaking is a word used when someone makes the common error, known formorly as: Circumlocution.

This occurs when a person is trying to tell a story or get their point across but ends up speaking in round-a-bouts and babbles nonsense.
Emily: ... and people were there, and like, there was a horse- but it wasn't a horse it was more of a bull, well, hardly a bull. It had feathers and it was running, well, jumping... No, sliding!
Jen: Um, Emily... Wtf are you trying to say? You're cupcaking, badly!
by planetchad June 12, 2009
1. To tune someone: to confront them/request something
2. To "tune" someone (insult them)
Rene: Hey, we're out of bread.
Bats: Please tune your mom to go buy some.

Jake: Aw, you're such a faggot.
Brenda: No, I'm not.
Tim: I'd NEVER let someone tune me faggot, bru.
by planetchad June 15, 2009

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