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"Gill" as in "giving a gill" A term used around the late 80s-early 90s, possibly regional, by children as a proclamation that someone/a friend just said something incredibly stupid or incorrect, AND that they deserve to be humiliated. It was shouted as he/she simultaneously burns the back of the other person's neck with a fast horizontal rub of the hand. Similar in nature to an Indian burn.
Person 1: Yeah, well your mother is your father. (I'm paraphrasing.)
Person 2: Not funny. You deserve a gill for that. Gill!
Person 1: Ow. What the hell?
Person 3: You're 17 and still giving people gills?
Person 2: Oh, wow. I haven't remembered a gill in a long time. Hah.
by Ninnernet April 12, 2005
An action which was quite widespread in New York and possibly in other locations during the early 1990's. When someone would say something incorrect or stupid, any party who witnessed this could proclaim "Gill!", and then proceed to rub the back of the offender's neck with their hand, causing minor irritation to a red mark, depending on the severity of the given gill. One could also proclaim "Save mine", which would allow the person to administer the gill to the offender at a later point in time. It should be noted, however, that if the person committing the slip-up takes notice of their folly before anyone calls a gill on them, they can say "pause" and then could not be subjected to a gill. If someone calls gill after the initial speaker says pause, it's a gill on them. Giving gills is great but getting them isn't.
Person 1: "Yo, Iverson dropped 50 on the Sonics last nite...pause...he dropped 43."

Person 2: "Gill"

Person 1: "Chill, I already said pause. Save mine."

Person 2: "Damn."
by fdlkjdlkf October 09, 2007
verb. to hang out with someone you don't know very well with the intent to know them better. completely platonic.
adj. describing a person you'd like to gill.
Kristy: I think Matt is a cool person who I'd like to get to know better, but we've only talked a couple of times in econ class.
Ted: You should gill him!
Kristy: Yeah!
by missfantastic January 24, 2014
to be pimp, cool, or down with what is going on in todays society
BRON-BRON is so gill dude.
by gill April 18, 2004
The British given last name of those who are morbidly melodramatic or theatrical. Often acting over-animated to achieve recognition within any given society.
"What the fuck? Why is that person crying over spilt milk?"
"Probably a member of the Gill's."
by Gill Member July 25, 2009
Form of currency in the Final Fantasy world. Used in exchange for goods and serveices.
Shop Keeper: That'll be 250 Gill

Homeless Man: Will dance for Gill
by Matt February 19, 2005
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